About our company

Bandaoke International, also know as iBandaokeee , is an artist promoting company founded by 2 musicians from Athens, Greece in November 2015.

Their vision is to create a talent show for new artists from all over the world that, unlike TV talent shows, is be only about the music and stripped of all other factors (reality drama, TV critics, etc). The company’s strategy to achieve this is through talent shows touring from city to city and country to country where the contestants will be broadcasted on video on social media and then be directly evaluated by social media users solely.

Being extremely experienced musicians themselves in the field of live karaoke and having a repertoire of approximately 2.000 songs (the world’s broadest live karaoke band songlist), the 2 founders themselves will be playing for the contestants and make sure they bring out the best in every singer. The company will both give an opportunity to any undiscovered singer or musician who believes is worth to be listened to by hundreds of thousands and eventually several millions of international listeners and to 1 contestant per contest to be signed and promoted in the company’s massive and ever-growing international network.

iBandaokeee ’s talent show is named “iBandaokeee International Contest” (briefly called B.I.C.) and initially the company starts with “iBandaokeee International Contest- Singers” which is specific for singers.

The first 4 scheduled locations are Dublin (Ireland), Berlin (Germany), Manchester (England) and Helsinki (Finland) and B.I.C. launches on March 18th in Dublin.

iBandaokeee is also the only agency in the world that specifies in the high-end entertainment act of live-karaoke, hence our name.

The act of enjoying singing a vast variety of songs with a band (instead of a karaoke machine) being totally improvised, on the spot and not having to be a singer yourself is a new idea extremely difficult to achieve and is practiced dedicatedly by a handful of bands in the entire planet. Our company’s band holds the unthinkable number of 2.000 songs of ALL musical genres, but due to our limited availability we can connect you to some of the finest bands who are registered with our company (always fitting our company’s standards and criteria)