May 25th to Sunday May 26st


Date : 25 / May / 2016



iBandaokeee International Contest is a new stream of music talent shows built to discover new artists from around the world and to promote them around the world.

It is the first 100% web based contest for artists in which the contestants will be broadcasted to an international audience specifically built for the contest and directly and solely evaluated by this massive, ever-growing music-loving audience.

iBandaokeee starts this journey of talent discovery with our first contest called iBandaokeee International Contest-Singers (also referred to as B.I.C.S.).

In this contest, contestants are called to sing only known songs in English and will be evaluated for their singing and performing skills.


On May 26th and 27th, iBandaokeee International Contest- Singers comes to CYPRUS.

Only 100 contestants from CYPRUS and ISRAEL will be given the opportunity to sing 1 song in English from a selection of approximately 1.350 song titles that include all musical genres (except hip hop) in front of a live audience of 500 people, supported entirely by live musicians on what will be a 2 day contest (50 contestants per day). The contest will be held at the Red Live in Nicosia, Cyprus on Wednesday May 25th and Thursday May 26th 2016.


The selection of the winner will be entirely up to the audience and will be carried in the following method:

A HQ video of all 100 performances will be shot by our crew and will be uploaded on iBandaokeee’s YouTube channel within 4 days after the end of the 2nd day of the contest. On Thursday May 5th at 00:01 (CET+1), all 100 YouTube videos will be simultaneously posted on our iBandaokeee’s Facebook page (so all contestants have the exact same running time to be evaluated). Then simply, the massive international audience who is following our FB page will be free to like the POST of each video as they please.

For 72 hours (3 days) our production team will be watching and counting likes on the Facebook POSTS (NOT the YT videos). Simply, whosever video has the most likes at the end of the 72 hours on Saturday May 7th at 23:59 (CET+1) will be directly declared winner of the B.I.C.S. and will win the grand prize!


  • A professional recording (recording, mixing, mastering) of an original composition at a top class professional studio in Athens, Greece.
  • A music video of the same song.
  • More importantly, a systematic broadcasting of the music video every 3 days for 90 days on iBandaokeee’s massiveinternational web network.
  • All musicians, arrangers, studio costs, video, airplane tickets, accommodation and transportation costs fully coveredby Bandaoke International.
  • In the scenario that the winner cannot provide with an original composition (a song of their own or one a third party with their license) for the recording, the production can provide with one through a network of composers, but the rights of the songs (royalties, etc) stay with the production or the composer.
  • Both the song and the video of the winner will be included in all the company’s future plans.


The iBandaokeee International Contest will be systematically advertised to everyone who has clear interest in music inseveral countries worldwide. We are talking about hundreds of thousands of people at first who will grow into millions in very short time and who will be particularly interested in listening to new artists. Regardless the outcome of the contest, all contestants will be exposed to this massive international music-loving audience. This will bring you great fame and you can cash it out in professional expansion (more and wider performances, royalties, etc).


Our team advertises the B.I.C. specifically to music lovers. More importantly, anyone who “likes the page” and stays in it will be because he/she is genuinely interested in discovering new artists.
Why else would anyone stay and have 100 videos of strangers singing coming into their “news feed“ every week if they don’t love music?
This network, you’ll know it, will be interested in new artists.

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The main advantages B.I.C.S. has compared to TV talent shows are:

  • unlike these shows that are only national, B.I.C.S. is absolutely international, it knows no borders at all.
    This means that the audience watching you will be the fans from the iBandaokeee FB page, built from all countries B.I.C.S. is held in and advertised in. A truly massive international online audience hungry for new artists.
  • in the B.I.C.S., the winner is being entirely decided by the international Facebook user and judges do not interfere.
  • you will be competing supported 100% by live musicians trained in bringing out the best in your voice.
  • the B.I.C.S. is not a reality show. We are dedicated passionately in discovering new artists, good music and getting it out to the world. Here, your video will be only used to promote your virtues and nothing more or less. We believe you deserve more that being a TV product on a reality show. In the B.I.C.S., it’s all about the music.
  • it is an online contestEveryone listens to music through the internet in most of the modern world now. TV is growing old, the web is the new means now and this is how you’ll get to more people much faster in no time. iBandaokeee is the future of music industry.
  • unlike these shows, you buy your way in the contest with a participation fee. This means that, if you believe that you should be heard by millions and wish to compete, then YOU and only YOU have the power to decide to be 1 of the only 100 contestants, no judge can stop you. You can buy the exposure the contest provides you and, if you are as good as you believe and the audience loves you, you can be the winner of B.I.C.S. and this will be the start of a great international career!

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