Terms & Conditions

    1. The promoter is: Bandaoke International Single Membered Private Company (company no. 1369 6530 1000) whose registered office is at 9 Stratigou Paraskevopoulou street, Nea Smirni, Athens, Greece, P.O. 17122.

The ibandaokeee International Contest- Singers (B.I.C.S.)

    1. ibandaokeee International Contest- Singers (also referred to as B.I.C.S.) is the first music talent show, which was created by the promoter, in order to promote new music artists from around the world. It is the first 100% web-based music contest, where an international audience created particularly for the ibandaokeee International Contest- Singers, views the contestants and directly evaluates them according to the rules of the contest.
    2. The purpose of the B.I.C.S. is to organize 2-day or 3-day (varying from case to case) music contests in different cities/countries. Every one of the two-day or 3-day music contests will have the restriction of 50 contestants performing per day, which means up to 150 contestants performing per contest.
    3. There will be one winner for each of the contests (per city/region/country), who will be awarded by a grand prize (described later in these terms and conditions).
    4. The contestants will be given the opportunity to choose and sing only 1 song in English, from a selection of approximately 1.300 music themes (song titles) that the live musicians will fully support. These 1.300 music themes (song titles) include all music genres (except hip-hop).
    5. There will be a live audience of approximately 500-1000 people (number will depend on the venue of each city), who will attend the live show.
    6. Employees of Bandaoke International Single Membered Private Company or their family members or anyone else connected in any way with the competition or helping to set up the competition shall not be permitted to enter the competition.
    7. All the participants have to pay a participation fee of 100€ (including 23% Greek VAT) in order to enter this competition, EXCEPT the first 4 contests, which will have a promotional purpose and will have no participation fee.
    8. All the contestants have to be adults (over the age of 18). Anyone under the age of 18 cannot participate in the ibandaokeee International Contest.
    9. Each contestant’s participation will be registered and listed as soon as the participation fee payment has been approved by the system. During this process each candidate contestant is able to express his preference for the day of his performance (during the two day contest), but due to the high volume of contestants this will be decided by the production.
    10. The participation fee shall be either paid by a credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express), or by PayPal.
    11. As soon as the payment of the participation fee has been approved and the contestant has been listed and registered, the participant will receive a confirmation e-mail, which will include the proof of payment accompanied by all the details about the contest.
    12. Two weeks (14 days) before Day 1 (one) of every two-day or three-day B.I.C.S., will be the last day for the contestants’ applications. After this date no further entries to the contest will be permitted.
    13. There is no liability burdening the promoter for candidate contestants not being accepted to the B.I.C.S., since they do not comply with the terms and conditions and/or the rules of the contest.
    14. The rules of the ibandaokeee International Contest and the prize for each winner are as follows:
      1. Each one of the contestants will have the opportunity to choose only 1 English song from the approximately 1.300 song list that is provided at www.bandaokeinternational.com. Any song that is not included in the list will not be accepted.
      2. Every contestant will be asked to choose the song he/she will perform during the fulfillment of his/her application for the B.I.C.S..
      3. The use of a same song by more than 2 (two) contestants during a B.I.C.S. is restricted. This means that the same song can be selected by 2 contestants, but not by 3 or more.
      4. Up to 4 weeks before day 1 of the B.I.C.S. the contestants will need to declare the key in which they wish to perform their song (late registered contestants are excluded from this deadline and are given 5 days from their registration day, in order for them to decide and inform the B.I.C production).
      5. Since the contestant has declared the key of his/her song, the particular decision is not changeable.
      6. In order to avoid misunderstandings, every contestant will be asked to email the YouTube link of the song’s studio version and the number of the semitones (+)/(-) he/she would like us to transpose it by.
      7. The contestants need to follow the same process even in cases where he/she would like to use the same tone.
      8. In cases where the contestants pass over the particular process, the live musicians will have to play the song at its original tone.
      9. None of the contestants will be allowed to play any musical instruments during the song contest, as it creates inequalities amongst other contestants.
      10. No vocal support will be provided by the musicians (that the audience can hear). In cases where the production believes vocal support is needed, it will be given to the contestant’s ear monitor in order to assist him/her through the song.
      11. The contestants will be provided an ear monitor during their performance, in order for the musicians to assist you with some details regarding your performance and secure that no musical mistakes are made.
      12. Contestants are not allowed to sing a duet song with a partner on the stage, since this would create inequalities amongst other contestants.
      13. However, duet songs can be selected and performed by contestants who want to perform it on their own if they wish for any reason.
      14. It is strictly forbidden for every contestant to say anything than “thank you” to the microphone, as anything else may be interpreted as an attempt to affect the audience’s and/or the voters’ emotions.
      15. Any contestant who will disrespect the above rule and say anything more than “thank you” will be immediately disqualified from the contest, which means his/her video will still be broadcasted with the other contestants’ videos, but he/she will not be able to win.
      16. The contestants are strictly forbidden to wear clothes conveying sexist, political, social messages and generally and contain any verbal parts or letters, as these may cause trouble and/or affect the audience’s and/or the voters’ emotions. This will also lead to an immediate disqualification, with the contestant’s video however being broadcasted.
      17. Most songs duration will be modified to a more “audience friendly” extent (3:00-3:30 min). There will be some exceptions, in cases where the essential parts of the song are affected by the modification.
      18. All contestants will be notified via email about the structure of the songs, accompanied by an edited mp3 file and a PDF file which will provide the structure of the edited version of the song. This email will be delivered in different times to some of the contestants, but in all cases everyone will have more than a month to rehearse (except of the late registered contestants).
      19. Altering any part of the lyrics of a song in any way is strictly prohibited, as it may be interpreted as an attempt to pass directly personal, political, ethical etc. messages and affect the audience’s and/or the voters’ emotions.
      20. The structure of the songs is exclusively decided by the production and is not debatable with the contestants.
      21. Each contestant accepts and realizes that he/she competes only with the contestants of the particular B.I.C.S. (at the particular city/region/country) he takes part and not the contestants of any other B.I.C.S. (any other city/region/country).
      22. The performance of every contestant is not considered a personal concert and cannot exceed the purposes of competition and visibility that ensures the B.I.C.S.
      23. All the contestants are required to be present at the venue where the B.I.C.S. takes place at the exact time the production has established for the sound-check. If anyone fails to appear at the time announced to them then no sound-check can be completed for this particular individual.
      24. The time of the sound-check will be communicated to the contestants in advance, in order for them to be able to plan their arrival.
    15. The promoter reserves the right to cancel or amend the competition and/or these terms and conditions without notice in the event of a catastrophe, war, civil or military disturbance, act of God or any actual or anticipated breach of any applicable law or regulation or any other event outside of the promoter’s control. Any changes to the iBandaokeee International Contest- Singers will be notified to the contestants as soon as it is possible by the promoter.
    16. In case of rescheduling, when a contestant is not willing to take part in the contest during the rescheduled dates, he/she will be able to claim a whole refund up to 30 days after the contest reschedule has been announced. Otherwise, his/her competition fee will be valid for the rescheduled dates.
    17. In case of cancellation of any of the two-day or three-day iBandaokeee International Contest- Singers, a full refund will be granted to the contestants.
    18. Every contestant shall be aware of the fact that no rehearsals with the musicians are possible. It is the contestant’s responsibility to be entirely rehearsed on their chosen songs and onto the mp3 file sent to them.
    19. The Company shall bear no responsibility in the event that the contestant is not sufficiently rehearsed onto the track of his preference, in accordance with original compositions and the instructions that have been given to the contestants immediately after the statement of participation, on the structure of the piece, etc.
    20. If any mistakes are made by the musicians, the song will be played again from the beginning in order for the contestant not to be underprivileged.
    21. There are especially designed mechanisms for the avoidance of errors during the show.
    22. The musicians’ main goal is each contestant’s performance to be completed without any errors. They are highly experienced professionals in that particular field.

The Grand Prize

    1. The Bandaoke International Single Membered Private Company is not responsible for inaccurate prize details supplied to any contestant by any third party connected with this competition.
    2. No cash alternative to the prize will be offered. The prize is not transferable.
    3. Every winner of each of the iBandaokeee International Contest- Singers will have the opportunity to record an original composition of his/her own. It is also possible for the winners to record a third party’s composition, in the event there is a written consent by the third party.
    4. In case that the winner is the composer of the prize-song, the B.I.C.S. production will provide them with the most professional advice and services, but the final decisions for the song recording and the video shooting will be taken by the winner himself/herself.
    5. There is also a network of musicians provided by Bandaoke International Single Membered Private Company, who can provide the winners with their compositions (the rights, royalties etc. stay with the Bandaoke International Single Membered Private Company or the composers).
    6. In the event that the winner does not have his/her own composition or would like to be provided one by the Bandaoke International Single Membered Private Company, he/she will be provided with a huge range of compositions and asked to choose one of them.
    7. In the unusual event that the kind of composition the winner looks for does not exist in the range of the production’s composition-pool, the company reserves to supply the winner with a customized composition.
    8. In the event that the winner will choose to record and video-shoot another composer’s composition, his opinion will be crucial for the production but the composer’s opinion is the one that prevails both for the song recording and the video shooting.
    9. The winner will have a period of 40 days after his designation to decide on the composition of the song of the grand prize.
    10. Since the winner has made his/her choice of the composition for the grand prize and the recording procedure has commenced, no changes are admissible except of reasons of force majeure.
    11. Every winner has the right to choose the genre of the song for his prize, regardless the genre of the song he chose during the B.I.C.S.
    12. Songs in any other language than English as well as clearly ethnic songs are not accepted.
    13. The winner’s song will be recorded in a top-class recording studio in Athens (Greece).
    14. The recording will take place during a time period, which will be convenient for both the iBandaokeee International Contest production and the winner.
    15. Bandaoke International Single Membered Private Company will fully cover all the costs relating to the recording and the video shooting of the song for every winner. All musicians, studio costs, airplane tickets, accommodation and transportation costs as well as the video shooting costs are included in the prize package.
    16. It is the responsibility of the production to prepare and co-ordinate everything for both the song recording and the video shooting.
    17. It is strictly stressed out that the winner’s presence in Athens should be limited to a maximum of 7 days.
    18. The total time period for the completion of the final outcome of the prize (recording and video shooting), will vary according to the winner’s schedule, but in any case it cannot be less than two months.
    19. All the preparations and co-ordinations for both the song recording and the video shooting will be prepared and co-ordinated long before the winner’s arrival in Athens by the iBandaokeee International Contest- Singers production. So the winner’s obligation will be limited to the recording of the parts of the song where it is absolutely essential (vocal parts and in some cases 1 musical instrument), as well as in the video shooting.
    20. The video’s scenario (concept), based on the song, will also have been created before the winner’s arrival to Athens.
    21. It is strictly depicted that if the 7 days deadline given by the Bandaoke International Single Membered Private Company is not appreciated, the winner will either have to fund his longer stay on his own, or otherwise the prize will be annulled.
    22. The video shooting (by the iBandaokeee International Contest production) of the recorded song is also included in the prize.

“Voting” Process

    1. Winners will be chosen entirely and solely by the following process:
      • On the 4th day after the end of each two-day or three-day contest, a High Quality video including all the performances will be uploaded on iBandaokeee’s YouTube Channel./li>
      • Since the song contest will be taking place during weekends, the 4th day is Thursday. So, on the following Thursday after the finale of each contest, at 00:01 (CET+1), the entire number of contestants’ videos (up to 150) will be simultaneously uploaded on the iBandaokeee’s Facebook page.
      • All the videos are posted simultaneously in order for all the contestants to have exactly the same running time to be evaluated.
      • For 72 hours (3 days) the contestants have the opportunity to be assessed by Facebook users, which means that voting finishes on Saturday of the same week at 23:59 (CET+1).
      • The outcome of the contest is solely based on the likes that contestants’ videos receive on OUR Facebook page, which simply means that votes are “likes” on the post of the YouTube video on our Facebook page and NOT on YouTube.
      • It is stressed out that the contestants and all Facebook users can freely share the videos but it is prohibited for them to boost them.
      • Any contestant’s video, which is found to be boosted, will immediately lead to the elimination of the particular contestant in the video.
      • After the expiration of the 72 hours, the contestant who will receive the largest number of likes on the post of his video on our Facebook page, will be directly declared as the winner of the iBandaokeee International Contest- Singers and will acquire the grand prize.

The Winner

  1. The winner’s name will be available 24 hours after closing time.
  2. The winner will also be notified by email within 24 hours of the closing time. If the winner cannot be contacted or do not claim the prize within 14 days of notification, the production reserves the right to withdraw the grand prize from the winner and award as the winner the contestant who will have received the biggest number of likes on the post of his video on our Facebook page right after the previous winner.
  3. The winner, as well as every contestant, agrees to the use of his/her name and image in any publicity material. Any personal data relating to the winner or any other contestants will be used solely in accordance with current Greek data protection legislation and will not be disclosed to a third party without the contestant’s prior consent.
  4. The production of the iBandaokeee International Contest- Singers will notify the winner when and where the process for the grand prize can start and arrange all the details explained above.
  5. The production’s decision in respect of all matters concerning the competition will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  6. By entering this competition, every contestant is indicating his/her agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions.
  7. The competition, as well as these terms and conditions, will be governed by Greek law and any disputes will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Athens, Greece.
  8. Every contestant entirely accepts that the objective of the iBandaokeee International Contest- Singers is the promotion of the contestant’s vocal virtues and other artistic qualities on stage.
  9. This promotion is accomplished through a pure and wholly legitimate online voting procedure via the most popular and international network of Facebook.
  10. The main feature that makes the contest international is the promotion and the evaluation network, despite the fact that the contest takes place in a particular city/region/country.
  11. Entry into the iBandaokeee International Contest- Singers will be deemed as acceptance of these terms and conditions.